Kate Woods has worked with individuals, families and healthcare teams for over 23 years.

Kate's background is as a trained mental health first-aider, mentor, advocate and supporter of women, people and families within the childbearing year. Kate is an educator for those working with survivors.

Much of Kate's insight and knowledge comes from 'on the ground' experience of over two decades of working with, and closely observing, interactions between service-users and providers. Being an advocate and 'interpreter' between these groups has provided a unique and robust foundation from which to offer Trauma Informed Practice packages.

Kate recognises the urgent need for individuals and organisations to up-skill around becoming Trauma Informed, through witnessing how organisational trauma impacts on the workplace,  how vicarious trauma affects staff, leading to ill-health, burn out and disengagement, and ultimately how the cycle of trauma can repeat, through the clients experience.

Currently, Kate lives in Somerset and alongside offering Trauma Informed Education packages, is the founder of a not-for-profit organisation called 'Doulas Without Borders',  which offers voluntary Doula support for women and childbearing people experiencing financial hardship and vulnerability, nationwide. See more at: www.doulaswithoutborders.com


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