January 3oth 2021


 ‘Birthkeepers in the pandemic’ workshop


Session on Masks and Zooms: how can we minimise further trauma during the pandemic? 

We will cover:


* Trauma response, facial recognition and mask wearing. What strategies might help? 

* Communicating and co-creating safety during online sessions with your clients. What might trigger and how best can we prevent?

* Settling the nervous system. Practice for yourself and your clients.

10am to 1pm, bring your mask to this live online Zoom workshop. £3o. Email us on info@trauma-informed-education.co.uk  to enquire further or book your place.


































You will have the opportunity to discover and work with the principles of trauma informed practice, in theory and in very practical ways.

Preparation for working with women and birthing people in times of vulnerability during the childbearing year.


       This workshop includes:

  • Understanding Trauma Informed Practice and considering its application within the workplace

  • What is trauma response? Recognising trauma response in yourself, your clients and within the institution, through personal, vicarious and organisational lenses

  • Lone working skills and considerations

  • 'The Nervous system is the driver': The Polyvagal theory takes its place in the field of childbirth 

  • Cultural humility and responsiveness: utilising a 'beginners mind' approach and the 'Danger of a single story'

  • 'Triggers and Strategies': Considering what might trigger our clients and how we might help co-create empowering strategies

  • Collaborative work towards informed decision making

  • Safeguarding

  • Perinatal mental health and a multi-layered approach

  • Working with disclosure

  • Knowing your own thresholds and boundaries: Ensuring your own trauma story does not cloud your vision

  • Using Mindfulness in your Practice

  • Debriefing your practice

  • Infant feeding for survivors

  • Listening skills and language use

     For all inquiries please contact: info@trauma-informed-education.co.uk