Pregnancy Yoga


  •  Understanding Trauma exposure  

  • Recognising Trauma response

  • The Polyvagal theory, the physiology of trauma​ and the epigenetic impact on our future 

  • Tools to contribute towards the prevention of Transgenerational Trauma

  • Introducing the Trauma Informed framework​

  • Triggers and Strategies: Recognising triggers in your clients and collaborating towards strategies ​

  • Knowing your Thresholds and Boundaries as a Trauma Informed Birthkeeper​

  • Mindfulness Practices for yourself and your clients​

  • Debriefing and listening partnership skills​​

  • Somatic toolkit: developing an awareness of the sensory toolkit.

The 2 day workshop offers a deeper dive into the subject and allows time to practice your new tools, reflect and discuss scenarios.​




Courses run online
10am to 5pm

For your organisation (
email us here):
£1400 for up to 20 participants (2 day, over 2 weekdays or consecutive Saturdays)
£1000 for up to 20  participants (1 day)

For individuals (reserve your date here): £95  / 2 day: £150
For Conscious Birthing members £70 / 2 day: £125
For Doula UK members / Students / Midwives £75 /  2 day: £130
Contact us for more info on the 2 day version, held over 2 consecutive weekend days

What did you think?

"The workshop was really informative and a great space for reflection.." C, 2021

"I have previously done quite a lot of training over the years, around recognising the different types of abuse that could be either historic or current that would affect clients that I supported. However, much of the time I was not really applying the learning to myself and as to why I may behave the way I do in certain situations. This weekend has been a learning curve for me...thank you". G, 2021