Why 'Trauma-Informed and Aware'?

Trauma exposure is something which can come from having experienced a highly distressed state and can be acute or chronic. Trauma response can show up as being anything from very anxious to totally disengaged. It is now accepted widely that many of us are in traumatised states within our workplaces and as individuals.   

A Trauma-Informed and aware practice acknowledges the unique nature of how we each experience trauma, and that as a result we need to remain continuously learning, adapting and responding accordingly. Experiencing Trauma is not a static state, so we choose to include the term 'aware. which best reflects that opportunity to continue to learn and grow in our understanding.

'Trauma-Aware' as a term is also inclusive of an acknowledgement of our own potential trauma, rather than putting ourselves forward as simply 'informed experts' in the support of others.

We work with the following guiding principles of a Trauma Informed and Aware Practice; Empowerment, Transparency and Trustworthiness, Collaboration, Safety and Informed Choice, bringing these topics to life, in practice.


We have developed a series of educational programmes to empower you as a practitioner to feel able to offer a Trauma Informed and Aware service to your clients whilst ensuring your own needs are continuously and thoroughly met.

As supporters of those who have suffered trauma, we must constantly care-take our own well-being by reflecting on and attending to our own levels of trauma, in order to maintain our ability to offer the 'compassionate neutrality' that only comes from a place of continuous self-enquiry and care.